Using social media with learners – Social learning

Social Learning is not a term I was familiar with until this weeks activities. We discussed what the difference between social media and social learning was and read a few blogs to help us with the distinction.

Some other useful links given were:

Hope you enjoy, leave me a comment about your thoughts on social learning.



Using social media with learners – Content Curation: Using Pinterest

This week we looked at content curation. The below article outlines 10 different content curation tools that are great for use as a teacher. Pinterest is mentioned there as no 4 tool and I have been experimenting with it this week and will share with you below. (1) and (9) will be explored in future posts.

My top 10 web curation tools as a teacher.


pinterest logoThink of Pinterest as a sort of digital bulletin board or scrapbook for collecting the things you find online. Pinners as they’re called on Pinterest. You can search the boards of others and repin their image or if you find an image on the web you click on Add Pin and enter the URL to add the site to your own pinboard. Just as you might use an pin board at home to plan an event or as a wishboard. I have created boards of some of my collections and things I am passionate about.

You can view my Pinterest  by clicking here.

I have been introduced to a great FREE online resource for help with many online tools Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free and if you click here you will be taken to their lesson on how to use pinterest.

Leave me a line and tell me how you found Pinterest and leave me a link to your boards.


Using social media with learners – icon

I have been introduced to which says that this site makes it easy for people to learn about you. I see as an online business card of sorts. The other thing that I loved was the ability to add my personal account to my blog by use of an widget already in the blog theme.

I have actually created two accounts with two different purposes. also has the ability to easily search for other people or explore other peoples pages. There is a limited ability to edit your page, add a profile and background photo. my page

My above account can be found here.

The other cool thing that you can do with this as suggested by is add the link to your page in your signature block in your emails. It also allows you to add some applications so people viewing your about,me page can also view your other social media sites.

If you would like to share your account please feel free to leave a comment with your link.

What ways do you think that this little site can be used with your learners? I think it would be great for resumes.


Using social media with learners – setting the mood

A great video was shared to set the mood of the ‘using social media with learners course’  and I just had to share it as well. Each year a new version of this video is done. If you are not getting your training online you are crazy.

Also another video about Digital Natives. Quite a few of the people doing this course were feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the new platforms that we were being exposed to. This video was a timely reminder about our learners who may be more digitally capable than we are and how we really need to be continually developing our skills if we want to engage them.

Social Media in Education – Teaching Digital Natives in 2011

Another topic of discussion this week was about our digital footprint. An article on this topic Identity, memory, death and the internet’ although written sometime ago, gave me cause to stop and think about what sort of digital footprint I will be leaving.

What are your thoughts on the positives and negatives of a digital footprint?

Have you googled yourself lately and find something that surprised you?

I would love to hear from you about your reaction to the video as well. Please leave a comment as I would love to hear from you.