6 principles of mobile design

The below table has been taken from an article Mobile Instructional Design Principles for Adult Learners from the University of Oregon. It is a great summation of a framework to use when designing mobile instructions.

Six Mobile Instructional Design Principles for Adult Learners
Principle #1: Develop a simple and intuitive interface design
The usability should be simple and consistent to enable learners to quickly and easily learn how to use the interface.
Principle #2: Integrate interactive multi-media
Take advantage of multi-media formats (audio and video) over text, due to the small-screen display of most mobile devices.
Principle #3: Build short, modular lessons and activities
Design small chunks for easier integration into busy schedules and to successfully compete against other distractions.
Principle #4: Design content that is engaging and entertaining
Activities designed to engage students should be applicable, entertaining, and suited to every day needs.