Using social media with learners – social media guidlines

Our course is coming to an end with this the last week. There are only a few platforms we will have time to explore.

We were given an article to explore and comment on The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You’. Yes 100 different tools to explore. The article was written over a year or so ago but still contained an amazing list of tools.

Another article given to us to read was Social Media Guidelines For Students And Job Seekers’. A recent and pertinent article to take in.

Would love your thoughts or comments on either of the above two articles.



Whats the difference between a Facebook page and Facebook group?

Facebook Groups

 The following video will help you set up a facebook group for your class.

Facebook Page

Watch the following video to see what a facebook page (think of it as a fan page) looks like.

Facebook Apps

Explore Facebook apps by visiting the Facebook app centre here

If you want to see how to find Facebook apps watch this video.

Before you get started with apps watch the video below to see how you can control the settings for your apps and manage your privacy.

Lastly I wanted to share an article on 4 Ways Publishers Can Optimize for Facebook’s New News Feed.

Please leave me a comment below to let me know if you found this information useful also. If you have set up a Facebook page or group leave me the link and I will check it out.

Using social media with learners – Facebook

facebook-64x64This week we concentrated on Facebook. Signing up was optional but we were encouraged to set up a professional profile if we are going to use Facebook with our learners.

To set the scene we watched this funny youtube about a Facebook song.

We explored this tutorial on Facebook here. 

We were also given the below video to explore what you need to consider when using Facebook with learners.

To customise settings in Facebook we were encouraged to watch this next video. ‘Privacy on Facebook for Educators.’

Watch out for my next post about the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group.

Let me know if you start a new page or group and post the link in the comment box below.


Using social media with learners – and image

Today we were tasked with some personal research on

For an example check out my daily newspaper ‘Using elearning in training’, based on my twitter followers and those I am following. automatically curates this content on my behalf. Just set it and leave it basically which is a great way to send out content to followers. I can also add content when I am on a site that I want to add there is an add on that I have in my browser that easily adds the site to my feed.

If you would like to learn a little more about click here.! logo Take a guided tour of by clicking here.

I have too, I have just started one on VET updates –  click here to view mine. searches the web for my keywords and also offers an add on for your browser that allows you to add sites as you search the web.

If you haven’t already you could sign up for or Scoopit and generate a newsfeed of your own and post your link in the comments box below. I would love to see what you have created.


Using social media with learners – Content Curation: Using Pinterest

This week we looked at content curation. The below article outlines 10 different content curation tools that are great for use as a teacher. Pinterest is mentioned there as no 4 tool and I have been experimenting with it this week and will share with you below. (1) and (9) will be explored in future posts.

My top 10 web curation tools as a teacher.


pinterest logoThink of Pinterest as a sort of digital bulletin board or scrapbook for collecting the things you find online. Pinners as they’re called on Pinterest. You can search the boards of others and repin their image or if you find an image on the web you click on Add Pin and enter the URL to add the site to your own pinboard. Just as you might use an pin board at home to plan an event or as a wishboard. I have created boards of some of my collections and things I am passionate about.

You can view my Pinterest  by clicking here.

I have been introduced to a great FREE online resource for help with many online tools Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free and if you click here you will be taken to their lesson on how to use pinterest.

Leave me a line and tell me how you found Pinterest and leave me a link to your boards.