What is mlearning?

What is Mobile Learning (mLearning)?

  • eLearning Guild: mLearning is any activity that allows individuals to be more productive when consuming, interacting with, or creating information, mediated through a compact digital portable device that the individual carries on a regular basis, has reliable connectivity, and fits in a pocket or purse.
  • Wikipedia: M-learning is the term given to the delivery of training by means of mobile devices such as Mobile Phones, PDAs and digital audio players, as well as digital cameras and voice recorders, pen scanners etc. M-learners are seeking lessons in small, manageable formats that they can undertake when it suits them.

Check out this Infographic on ‘Mobile Learning Through The Years’.

Float-Mobile-Learning-Through-the-Years 1

How do people actually use mobile devices?


If you are interested in checking out a free webinar presented on the MOOC that I am doing on Instructional Design for Mobile Learning,  from Academic Partnerships’ Faculty eCommons, hosted by Kenneth C. (Casey) Green of The Campus Computing Project, and featuring a lively conversation with Dr. David Metcalf, whose METIL lab explores leading edge innovations in learning.  Please click here.

I would love you to leave me a comment on your experiences with mlearning and let me in on any insights, tips or tricks you may have, I would be appreciative.



Using social media with learners – Social learning

Social Learning is not a term I was familiar with until this weeks activities. We discussed what the difference between social media and social learning was and read a few blogs to help us with the distinction.

Some other useful links given were:

Hope you enjoy, leave me a comment about your thoughts on social learning.


Using social media with learners – communities of practice

tribe-community-team-1-150x150Communities of practice (CoPs) are groups of people who share a passion for something that they know how to do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better. They provide an opportunity to create a learning community around an area of interest or practice, to share and develop practice and build personal and professional knowledge and expertise. Sounds like social media doesn’t it?

Using social media in our teaching practices is creating a community of practice. Doing this ‘Social Media with Learners’ course has set up a community of practice as we learn to integrate a variety of platforms into our teaching practices.

We were given the youtube below  to watch and comment on ‘what is a community of practice’

If you are wondering  how to cultivate a community of practice the next video was given to us to get some ideas and discuss.

‘Cultivating communities of practice and how to make them grow.’

Best Practice Models for Elearning

This week we also discussed what would be a best practice model for elearning and given an interesting article to discuss which you can find here.   If you are interested in following a hashtag on Twitter use the #bpmods.

If you would like to share your thoughts, views or experiences of a community of practice please share it with me in the comments below.


Using social media with learners – Google +

google+ logo   We looked at Google + this week which is a social network that has implemented some of the favourite features of both Facebook and Twitter.  Like Facebook, users are able post content and status updates to their profile and have this content show up in other user’s newsfeeds. Unlike Facebook however (and similar to Twitter), Google+ users are able to follow anybody that they want to without requiring their target to accept a ‘friend request’.

The unique thing about Google+ is ‘circles‘ which allow users to create custom groups of people that they would either like to receive updates from or send updates to. You can choose which of your circles you send what to which is what I really like so I don’t have to annoy my family with my non family ‘stuff’.

For a really detailed outline of Google+ if you want to start using Google+ for your business please read ‘The ultimate guide to Google plus for businesses‘. There is also a pdf download of 30 pages of comprehensive instructions for using it.

Google circles and Google hangouts

The fun  thing for me was learning more about Google circles. If you are interested to learn more click here.

I have already used a Google hangout with a work colleague.  If you would like to know how to set up a Google hangout watch the video below.

Hope you start using Google+ and see if you can find me. Let me know below in the comments any of the great ways that you have been using your hangouts.


Using social media with learners – social media guidlines

Our course is coming to an end with this the last week. There are only a few platforms we will have time to explore.

We were given an article to explore and comment on The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You’. Yes 100 different tools to explore. The article was written over a year or so ago but still contained an amazing list of tools.

Another article given to us to read was Social Media Guidelines For Students And Job Seekers’. A recent and pertinent article to take in.

Would love your thoughts or comments on either of the above two articles.