Using social media with learners – Social learning

Social Learning is not a term I was familiar with until this weeks activities. We discussed what the difference between social media and social learning was and read a few blogs to help us with the distinction.

Some other useful links given were:

Hope you enjoy, leave me a comment about your thoughts on social learning.



Whats the difference between a Facebook page and Facebook group?

Facebook Groups

 The following video will help you set up a facebook group for your class.

Facebook Page

Watch the following video to see what a facebook page (think of it as a fan page) looks like.

Facebook Apps

Explore Facebook apps by visiting the Facebook app centre here

If you want to see how to find Facebook apps watch this video.

Before you get started with apps watch the video below to see how you can control the settings for your apps and manage your privacy.

Lastly I wanted to share an article on 4 Ways Publishers Can Optimize for Facebook’s New News Feed.

Please leave me a comment below to let me know if you found this information useful also. If you have set up a Facebook page or group leave me the link and I will check it out.

Using social media with learners – Facebook

facebook-64x64This week we concentrated on Facebook. Signing up was optional but we were encouraged to set up a professional profile if we are going to use Facebook with our learners.

To set the scene we watched this funny youtube about a Facebook song.

We explored this tutorial on Facebook here. 

We were also given the below video to explore what you need to consider when using Facebook with learners.

To customise settings in Facebook we were encouraged to watch this next video. ‘Privacy on Facebook for Educators.’

Watch out for my next post about the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group.

Let me know if you start a new page or group and post the link in the comment box below.


Using social media with learners – and image

Today we were tasked with some personal research on

For an example check out my daily newspaper ‘Using elearning in training’, based on my twitter followers and those I am following. automatically curates this content on my behalf. Just set it and leave it basically which is a great way to send out content to followers. I can also add content when I am on a site that I want to add there is an add on that I have in my browser that easily adds the site to my feed.

If you would like to learn a little more about click here.! logo Take a guided tour of by clicking here.

I have too, I have just started one on VET updates –  click here to view mine. searches the web for my keywords and also offers an add on for your browser that allows you to add sites as you search the web.

If you haven’t already you could sign up for or Scoopit and generate a newsfeed of your own and post your link in the comments box below. I would love to see what you have created.


Using social media with learners – becoming a social blogger

This week we were tasked with starting a blog. Here is mine, task completed!

So far it is fun and very addictive. Not all of the class are keen enough to reveal or expose themselves just yet. Below are a few videos and links to sites that either explain the different platforms that you can use for a blog or show a variety of blogs using different platforms, tumblr, blogger to name a few. I have also included links to a few of my classmates blogs. Please have a look at them and leave them a comment.

To start off here is a great video supplied by the trainer of a case study of how the University of NSW used a blog for teaching, peer feedback and discussion. 

This next link leads to a fantastic resource of free training for a variety of topics that has been well used by many teachers.

This link in particular is  about blog basics – number 4 is about choosing a blog service. Look around this site and see what else could be useful for your training.

Commerce Goes Social: Blogging

Article on picking the best platform for your classroom blog

WordPress sample:


Some of those in the course brave enough to start a blog have used Google’s blogger not only is it free but they found it very intuitive. A quick little video tutorial is below to get  you started. If you have a google account you can create a blog on blogger.


Getting started with tumblr

Some of my classmates blogs:

Who are you calling redundant?

I used Google’s Blogger as it was intuitive and just typed in the students’ shared writing exercise on Jogging for shared reading and added a few bits and pieces for them for the holidays:

Our Jogging Stories

More Student Writing to Read

For a more visual blog you might like Glogster, it does cost but you can get a 30 day free trial.

For anyone who is into radio shows you can have a fee Blog from blog talk radio where anyone who has a blog talk  radio show can have a blog.

I would love to hear your thoughts on ways you can use a blog in training, or leave a link to your blog for me to check it out.