QR Code reader and Video apps for effective mlearning

For this weeks ‘Try it yourself’ activity we have been tasked with making a video using a video creating app with a mobile device. When then need to post it to You tube or our favorite video sharing site or our own blog and generate a (quick response) QR Code. Then post the QR code to our blog or twitter.

I have cheated a little and used already prepared You Tube videos that explained the use of the video creating apps to create my QR codes from. They were really easy to make and fun to change the colours and elements. I used Unitag to do them.

Tools to create a video on your mobile device:



Explain Everything

See the article “The No. 1 App for Every Teacher

The below QR code links to a video of how to use the Explain Everything app.

QR code for explain everything app




The below QR code links to a video of how to use the Magisto! app.

QR code for magisto

Tools to create a QR code:



Unitag QR code generator


Beauty QR Code Generator

Some of the ways my MOOC mates suggested to use these apps were:

  • student or teacher can create a short video about how to use a piece of equipment and create a QR code and attach the code to the equipment so anyone can easily access the how to video. The video could  be stopped, rewound or fast forwarded as required.
  • have a treasure hunt of QR codes around a room that students hunt down and find out information of an upcoming topic as a way to set the scene for the topic
  • create a QR code for learners to gain instant access to the resources required for a topic, the resources are then automatically bookmarked on their mobile devices for future reference.

Can you think of other ways that you could use QR codes? If so please leave me a comment about what these would be.



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