Photo Collage Apps for mLearning

One of the  ‘Try it yourself’ activities that I have participated in with the MOOC I am doing is to use a photo collage making app on a mobile device. I have not used many apps but I took up the challenge and have downloaded an app for both my phone and Ipad.

instapicframes app

I used the instapicframes free app for my Ipad

photo grid app

On my phone I used the android free app Photo Grid.

Both apps were very easy to use. What I found a bit trickier was to get the photo collage that I created onto twitter where I had to post it for ‘homework’ and to get them here on my blog.

Photo collagePhotoGrid_1366322648010I think my three pets are gorgeous. Orlando my 10 year old puppy, Beneke and Tiffany are both Birman cats, 12 and 11 years old.

Some of the ways that my MOOC mates have suggested that photo collages can be used with learners are:

  • introductory collage of photos of themselves and present the collage to the class
  • use a collage to present information gathered on a given topic of research

I would love you to add suggestions of how you would use these apps with your learners so I can increase the above list.



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