What is mlearning?

What is Mobile Learning (mLearning)?

  • eLearning Guild: mLearning is any activity that allows individuals to be more productive when consuming, interacting with, or creating information, mediated through a compact digital portable device that the individual carries on a regular basis, has reliable connectivity, and fits in a pocket or purse.
  • Wikipedia: M-learning is the term given to the delivery of training by means of mobile devices such as Mobile Phones, PDAs and digital audio players, as well as digital cameras and voice recorders, pen scanners etc. M-learners are seeking lessons in small, manageable formats that they can undertake when it suits them.

Check out this Infographic on ‘Mobile Learning Through The Years’.

Float-Mobile-Learning-Through-the-Years 1

How do people actually use mobile devices?


If you are interested in checking out a free webinar presented on the MOOC that I am doing on Instructional Design for Mobile Learning,  from Academic Partnerships’ Faculty eCommons, hosted by Kenneth C. (Casey) Green of The Campus Computing Project, and featuring a lively conversation with Dr. David Metcalf, whose METIL lab explores leading edge innovations in learning.  Please click here.

I would love you to leave me a comment on your experiences with mlearning and let me in on any insights, tips or tricks you may have, I would be appreciative.



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