Using social media with learners – Google +

google+ logo   We looked at Google + this week which is a social network that has implemented some of the favourite features of both Facebook and Twitter.  Like Facebook, users are able post content and status updates to their profile and have this content show up in other user’s newsfeeds. Unlike Facebook however (and similar to Twitter), Google+ users are able to follow anybody that they want to without requiring their target to accept a ‘friend request’.

The unique thing about Google+ is ‘circles‘ which allow users to create custom groups of people that they would either like to receive updates from or send updates to. You can choose which of your circles you send what to which is what I really like so I don’t have to annoy my family with my non family ‘stuff’.

For a really detailed outline of Google+ if you want to start using Google+ for your business please read ‘The ultimate guide to Google plus for businesses‘. There is also a pdf download of 30 pages of comprehensive instructions for using it.

Google circles and Google hangouts

The fun  thing for me was learning more about Google circles. If you are interested to learn more click here.

I have already used a Google hangout with a work colleague.  If you would like to know how to set up a Google hangout watch the video below.

Hope you start using Google+ and see if you can find me. Let me know below in the comments any of the great ways that you have been using your hangouts.



One thought on “Using social media with learners – Google +

  1. I recently used Google Hangout at a board meeting. A few of our members could not attend, so I created a Hangout to run simultaneously with our “in person” meeting. Hangout’s ability to host multiple users allowed them all to participate. We set up a laptop onsite so our remote members could see the meeting place and we could see them when they contributed to the discussion.

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