Using social media with learners – becoming a social blogger

This week we were tasked with starting a blog. Here is mine, task completed!

So far it is fun and very addictive. Not all of the class are keen enough to reveal or expose themselves just yet. Below are a few videos and links to sites that either explain the different platforms that you can use for a blog or show a variety of blogs using different platforms, tumblr, blogger to name a few. I have also included links to a few of my classmates blogs. Please have a look at them and leave them a comment.

To start off here is a great video supplied by the trainer of a case study of how the University of NSW used a blog for teaching, peer feedback and discussion. 

This next link leads to a fantastic resource of free training for a variety of topics that has been well used by many teachers.

This link in particular is  about blog basics – number 4 is about choosing a blog service. Look around this site and see what else could be useful for your training.

Commerce Goes Social: Blogging

Article on picking the best platform for your classroom blog

WordPress sample:


Some of those in the course brave enough to start a blog have used Google’s blogger not only is it free but they found it very intuitive. A quick little video tutorial is below to get  you started. If you have a google account you can create a blog on blogger.


Getting started with tumblr

Some of my classmates blogs:

Who are you calling redundant?

I used Google’s Blogger as it was intuitive and just typed in the students’ shared writing exercise on Jogging for shared reading and added a few bits and pieces for them for the holidays:

Our Jogging Stories

More Student Writing to Read

For a more visual blog you might like Glogster, it does cost but you can get a 30 day free trial.

For anyone who is into radio shows you can have a fee Blog from blog talk radio where anyone who has a blog talk  radio show can have a blog.

I would love to hear your thoughts on ways you can use a blog in training, or leave a link to your blog for me to check it out.



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