What are Infographics?

During the week I have been discovering infographics. I have found a few links and videos for some great ones and a couple of samples have been given to me. So if you too are also interested in what an infographic is please read below. Basically they are a great way to show complex information in a more appealing way to more easily understand the information and engage the reader.

Part 1
Part 2

For a sample – a rather large infographic on how twitter works can be seen here. It is worth a look.

How do you make your own info graphic?

The following are some sites that can be used to make your own infographic.

For fun try:

An article that shows 9 awesome powerful free infographic tools can be found here.

Hope you enjoy and create some great new infographics. I would love you to tell me about any great sites you use or share some infographics that you have created.



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