Using social media with learners – LinkedIn

linkedin-64x64LinkedIn is a more professional network than either facebook or Twitter and has more than 175 million members. I have been using LinkedIn for sometime now and it would be my social media platform of choice. Where I find it most valuable is professional development. By belonging to groups and contributing to discussions I learn a lot about my industry and you can even find out about the latest jobs on offer in particular areas. You can search for people, companies, jobs and even find answers to questions.

Endorsements are a rather new feature in LinkedIn and I have been enjoying being ‘endorsed’ . Do your think they have any value? I guess it depends on who you endorse and your relationship with them  or how well you know them.  Watched this video and then I would love to hear what you thought.

Ways suggested that LinkedIn can be used with learners were:
To assist students

  • To put their CV online
  • With job search (includes email alerts)
  • To connect with other professionals in their field
  • To conduct research on companies they would like to work for
  • To seek recommendations and endorsements on their work
  • To make it easy for potential employers to find them

Let me know what you think about endorsements. Do you endorse people? Do you have any more creative ways that LinkedIn could be used with your learners?



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