Using social media with learners – Twitter

During week one of my ‘using social media with learners‘ course we have been tasked with signing up to Twitter and Edmodo.twitter 2  


I have not used twitter much before, but I did have an account from a few years ago. Interestingly I found that my account had been taken over by another person. I did manage to take my photo off but couldn’t do too much more that that.  I find using twitter quite disjointed and hard to keep up with the conversation with so many tweets coming through. However I have now discovered how to use # hashtags. Although this is still a bit disjointed it does allow all classmates to at least group all our tweets together. We used Edmodo as a way to advice  our twitter handle to allow all classmates to follow each other.

A great video was given to us via a link in Edmodo about one teachers story of how he uses twitter in the classroom.

Another great website for teachers who want to use technology in education was given and I have added it to my bookmarks bar  – Educational technology and mobile learning

More specifically the article written about ‘The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have’ was given and we were asked to comment in Twitter using our hashtag #nvels.

Another couple of great articles if you would like to explore hashtags more is:

‘My top 8 Hashtags as a Teacher’.

The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags For Education

I found both the use of Edmodo to set the activities and then using twitter to discuss with our classmates a great way to get a conversation and reflection going and can see its application in any training. We played a Twitter trivia game that was fun and could be used with learners. We all posted one trivia question and attempted to answer each group member’s post.  By using our twitter hashtag it was easier to find the relevant questions but a bit disjointed when some of the answers would not put in as replies to tweets.
Some of the other ways considered to sue Twitter to encourage learners were discussed in our Adobe connect session:

  • Follow experts of a given subject
  • Find links to articles, journals, research posted on twitter
  • Find links to stories or blog posts on a particular subject
  • These links should be evaluated on the authors knowledge of a subject area, reliability and authenticity
  • Start and contribute to discussion in a subject area – link this to an assessment and the discussion just might take off

I would love to hear your ideas of how you could use twitter with your learners and  to get your training online.



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