E-learning at its best

Wow! Will this be possible soon?

I have joined a new group that is going on a six week journey to discover how to use social media for learners. The video below is one of the first that I have looked at and I am blown away. If this technology, or glass, is readily and easily available imagine what your classroom could be like, how interactive it could be and how excited learners would be to come to class everyday.

We were asked to ponder what we thought of the possibility of living in a world like this and how might this affect our teaching.

What do you think?


16 thoughts on “E-learning at its best

  1. There is a hope for the human race, if we are going to replace plastic with glass …

    At the moment, I am engaged in a development of innovative eLearning 3D Virtual World programs, but Augmented Reality is on the horizon too…

    The innovative educational techniques that enhance traditional education methods and address serious educational challenges will help all of us enormously …

  2. That is amazing. I was so engaged while I was watching it I had to keep reminding myself to read the text appearing. What a great way to engage any student at any age. The shame of it is that I can only see private schools going down that track. Government schools and Tafe colleges are always years behind due to budget restrictions.

    • Hi Pam, As I work for a private training provider I hope that we will one day have this technology available for all. It would be so much more fun as a trainer as well to train with these resources at our finger tips. No more behaviour problems either as the learners would be too engaged to act out/up.

    • HI Hannah, film to reality would be great. I guess a few years ago I never expected a little hand held computer like the Ipad. It may not be too far away.

  3. Hi Belinda, Love the concept. Will be proactive in leading the push for interactive learning for Neis. However, the clip did not showcase how it could benefit someone on the Neis program or training for Neis? Does it have the capacity to answer questions from clients when they’re operating in their own business?
    Thanks Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne, I too want to be proactive in leading the way with interactive learning for the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme trainees. Our first step is the elearning platform that we are about to use and then we will be moving to a more interactive technology with our virtual worlds. I think it will be great if our virtual world has the capability to answer questions for our clients when out in their own business. I am sure that is where we are heading.

  4. Yes, I have seen Day of Glass Part 1 and 2 and it’s a wonderful world – I tell all my workshops to check it out, 2013 is going to be the year of the video and then who knows some of these creations are already available this company Corning is really very inspirational. I am a tech head and can’t wait to have the devices – I want them now. But I will have to do with my iPad and my iPhone instead

    • Hi Melissa, thanks for your comment, I too was inspired by Corning and definitely want the devices now also. I am doing another workshop soon on using IPads in VET training. It is a free webinar so will send you the link if you like.

  5. Absolutely love the possibilities! It reinforces the importance of the IT competence needed as a trainer of the future. All trainers should include technology in their PD plans regardless of what it is they teach.

    • I absolutely agree Glen. I am encouraging all trainers in my workplace to do more PD and incorporate all forms of technology in their day to day work practices.

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